camelback mountain

Our Vision
A thriving black community

Our Mission
To close opportunity gaps within the black community by building alliances and promoting education in the creation of sustainable solutions.

Our Values
Follow the 7 rich cultural principles of Kwanzaa

  • Unity – The first step towards building a successful community
  • Self-Determination -- BASE is a resource of support, but it’s our individual responsibility to take action into our future
  • Collective Work and Responsibility – Collaboration and collectively working towards building our community is essential to sustain progress
  • Cooperative Economics – Great economics is an important way for a community to flourish. This creates access to opportunities supporting businesses that service our community for everyone’s advancement
  • Purpose -- Aim together towards building a thriving community
  • Creativity – Continue to find innovative ideas to create a beautiful and successful Arizona for all
  • Faith -- By honoring African American history and past triumphs through adversity, we ultimately understand collectively we can overcome anything

BASE is committed to bringing:

  • A Connection to Community & Culture
  • Community Development
  • Entrepreneurial & Corporate Leadership Programs
  • Black Business Support and Development
  • Purpose - Aim together towards building a thriving community
  • Youth Financial Literacy Camps
  • Information and Updates
  • Event of Celebration, Connection and Empowerment
  • Youth Development Programs
  • Community Collaboration