AFRO Skoutz

Youth Development

AFRO Skoutz was created for children of African descent to inspire development, leadership and socialization. Skoutz leaders will provide diverse expertise and talent to create environments that encourage and motivate our skoutz to be culturally knowledgeable, empowered and respected members of our community.

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Explore Passions & Ideas
We encourage every scout to focus on their interest and skills.
AFRO athletics will build character through team unity, trust, responsibility, perseverance, physical and overall health
Book Club
We will explore amazing inventors and creators of African descent. Reading books as a group encourages expression, creativity and self esteem.
Youth Theater Play Production
AFRO scouts will learn new vocabulary and ways to express themselves through art, dance and music.
Youth Entrepreneurship Expo
AFRO scouts will have an opportunity to create something of their own. Entrepreneurship encourages an attitude of exploration and inquisitiveness.
Arts, Music & Culture
AFRO scouts will explore Art in a lens that reflects culture, values, creativity and helps preserve our identities of past history and present day events.

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Contact us with any questions or concerns. If you're looking to volunteer or become a sponsor please feel free to get in contact with us via email